Various Artists - Spider Man Soundtrack

When I was a lad, kids used to use their imagination. None of this computer game nonsense, we were happy with a Famous Five book and an apple to keep us entertained throughout the summer holidays. I jest of course, but now we live in the digital age and its not enough to simply release a movie...nowadays its the Movie Premiere, the fast food merchandise deal and of course the obligatory rock soundtrack featuring Aerosmith.

Aerosmith aside, though its worth noting they avoid the typical ballad of late and replace it with a cover of the original Spider Man, the soundtrack features the exclusive tracks from the likes of Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, Sum 41, Alien Ant Farm and Slipknots Corey Taylor. "Bother", the track written and performed by Corey Taylor is just about as far removed from Slipknot as you can imagine with a simple acoustic guitar and orchestral backing highlighting the earnest refrain of "You don't need to bother, I don't need to be". Sum 41's attempt at hip-hop makes Eminem look like the consummate professional and while they'd obviously like to thing its taking it back to the days of the Beastie Boys in truth it sounds more like New Kids On The Block. Elsewhere Alien Ant Farm ("Bug Bytes") and Chad Kroeger ("Hero") deliver what exactly is expected of them - nothing more, nothing less.

Hollywood's favourite singer songwriter Pete Yorn contributes "Undercover", a track surely too good to be wasting away on a film soundtrack. Its a continuation of Yorn's contributions to the Dawson's Creak and "My, Myself and Irene" movie and hopefully this inclusion will open up "MusicForTheMorningAfter" to a whole new audience. While some artists are destined for great things the likes of Injected ("I-IV-V"), Jerry Cantrell ("She Was My Girl") and Black Lab ("Learn To Crawl") look destined to end us as soundtrack fillers until retirement and the 9-5 beckons.

Like all great soundtracks its much improved if you watch the film, but in terms of musical recommendations its only Corey Taylor and Pete Yorn that get the thumbs up.

Alex McCann

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