Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Derby Victoria - 9.3.01

How do I explain Sputnik? That's one of the great dilemmas I find myself with tonight. I look one way and see a group of people who will understand what I mean when I say that they are the ultimate collision between The Stooges and trance music. Then I look the other way and see a group of spotty students shouting "What the Fuck?". How do you explain a groups that was, and still is, all about concept and style over the actual music. Right got it. Imagine hot new group Gorillaz - take away the hip hop - take away the animation - replace it with 3 cyber goths - and you have Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Simple innit'.

You have to laugh at it all don't you. 3 cyber goths that are old enough to be your parents prancing around to an audience that in the main have grown up and got sensible office jobs. I feel strangely ostracized purely by the fact that 1) I'm not that old 2) I haven't grown up and got a sensible office job. Social insecurities aside I get off purely on the fact that they were investigated by the FBI for an alleged Thatcher assignation rumour.

A series of oldies are knocked out with an rock & roll attitude that many younger bands should take note of. Rock & Roll is a state of mind rather than just a few "biggest band in the world" or "were in it for the music" clichés. While its the oldies that the fans hold close to the hearts the new album "Pirate Space" surpasses many modern dance acts. Take "Everybody Loves You" or "I Am the One" and place them alongside Underworld or Utah Saints. Safe to say the dodgy S.A.W. period is forgotten as it rightfully should be.

Next time these guys are in town get down the front for some electronic punk music.

Alex McCann