Star27 / The Draytones - 53 Degrees Preston - 15.3.07

The Draytones are an Anglo/Argentinian trio whose album "Forever On" has just been released. Singer-guitarist Gabriel Boccazzi may have modelled his look on Paul Weller but their love of early Beatles is so strong and passionate that the Draytones should embrace their influence fully by wearing matching suits, sporting mop tops and shaking their heads enthusiastically (Ed: haven't we got the Bishops for that?). "Keep Loving Me" and "4 Years" aren't bad songs but are musically unadventurous. Despite a less than encouraging response from the crowd, The Draytones happily continue in a sea of 60s retro. Designer Magazine admire their determination and optimism but their love of rock'n'roll and skiffle isn't shared by the many people here for the headliners Star 27 who are being filmed for MTV. Like the KBC these Preston locals have been taken to national acclaim by Radio 1 when Steve Lamacq picked up on them last summer. They've played the now legendary Maida Vale studios and shared stages with Little Man Tate, The Kooks and The Arctic Monkeys.

Star 27 have been together for three years and have always strived to change, re-arrange and make their songs sound as original and diverse as possible. Frontman and keyboard player Frank Beaver is one of the many colourful characters who inhabit the rich tapestry of sound. There are snatches of music hall, doo wop, rock'n'roll, punk, ska and blues with a homage to Madness, a Zutons influence and the tongue in cheek style of Sparks.

"1, 2, Begin Now" from their debut EP, available at this gig but not officially released until May 14th has sweet harmonies while "Bukowski's Secret" is so good it's no surprise that Steve Lamacq loves it so much.

Visually Star 27 are a treat with the bands own dazzling personalities reflected in the music and you can see how hard working and ambitious these guys are. They are a perfect antidote to the indie bands around at the moment and are on the road to mainstream success

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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