Starsailor - Manchester Academy - 27.1.01

The music press have had nothing but praise for this band from Chorley, Warrington and Wigan. With such recommendation I had the feeling I was about to witness something very special.

As they performed their debut single "Fever" its easy to see why. James Walsh's voice is amazing. He shares Richard Ashcrofts skill of showing emotional depth and sensitivity with such passion while the music captures the same powerful yet subtle touches. Despite only playing five songs its easy to see at this early stage that they have the talent and enthusiasm to take them far. Closing the set with the epic anthem "Good Souls". The thundering bass, melodic guitars and the primal beating of the drums makes this a modern classic. An audience stood in awe and on songs like the exquisite ballad "Lullaby" they were simply out of this world.

They may not have an enigmatic frontman or a dazzling array of visuals, but the quality of the songs simply speaks for itself. With experience and confidence Starsailor could very well go places and judging from tonight they deserve all the success in the world/

Nicholas Paul Godkin