Steriogram - Manchester Roadhouse -28.2.05

Designer Magazine Editor Alex McCann was singing along like an Office Monkey Tw*t at "Love Shack - The Musical" across the city at the Palace Theatre, so we sent photographer Shirlaine Forrest down to Steriogram to capture the event in a photo review. When we arrived in the office the following morning a rather excitable email (reprinted below) was in our inbox...god if only we could we'd have been there for such a perfect show. The only way it could have been more perfect would have been if Sam and Mark would have had their irritatable faces bottled to a bloody pulp (Parental Warning: Designer Magazine does not promote violence against Z-List celebs unless their names are Sam & Mark)

To: Designer Magazine
From: Shirlaine Forrest
Subject: Steriogram

Steriogram were freakin’ ace ~ I imported their album c/o HMV Australia a year ago, so I was hoping they’d be as good live.  Man, they were so much better!  Tonnes of stage presence ~ swinging off the rafters etc. Tyson even wandered through the crowd singing during the second song, and their cover of AD/DC’s Back in Black was perfect!  I can’t believe they played in the Roadhouse to only 200 or so people (Including Sam and Mark doing a TOTP segment).  They also made sure they shook hands with pretty much everyone after the show, before helping carrying their own kit to the bus.  They won’t be lugging their own gear for long I recon!

Words: Alex McCann and Shirlaine Forrest
Photos: Shirlaine Forrest


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