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"Bother" is just about the farthest you could get away from Slipknot, but at the same time Corey Taylor has just pulled a huge double bluff on the thousands of pop fans that tap into the band through what can only be described as a rock ballad. Stone Sour was the band which Corey originally formed prior to joining the Knot and as such it was always his first love. Following a near breakdown towards the end of the Iowa tour he decided to take a time out and rediscover the freedom he found within his original band. As the rumours spread about the demise of Slipknot and the bands last ever album we caught up with Corey and found out the truth.

Q: Obviously you've been here countless times before, but this is the first UK Tour for you with Stone Sour. What's the reaction been like and how has it been different to the Slipknot dates last year?
A: It's been awesome and I couldn't be happier. The great thing about this band is that we come really alive when were playing live shows - it's one thing to listen to the album but then when we get on stage it's like a whole new form of it. The crowds energy is almost totally different to every song and if it's a slower track they really absorb it and that's something you don't really get with the other band. I mean I can still remember the time when the crowd first sung the words back to with Slipknot, but I still get the same kick out of it today and it's such a big thing for me because the lyrics are really personal for me.

The things is if you're not into Stone Sour don't show up. If you're a Slipknot fan and you're not into Stone Sour you're not going to break my heart because there's a lot of kids who are into Stone Sour and couldn't give two tosses about Slipknot. People are very opinionated and they like one, they like the other but there's a whole crowd in the middle who like both and it's awesome.

Q: "Bother" is out on March 3rd and to me it's such a double bluff of a track. For those people who aren't into rock music you can imagine their thought process: Singer from Slipknot to "Bother" and then picking up a copy of album and realizing it's totally different again?
A: It's such a departure from what I was doing with Slipknot that at first I was a little wary about putting it out, but then I was just like "F**k It". If i'm going to gauge what I play off of people's reactions then I don't deserve to be here, if I don't make music for myself then it's not a pure reason.

It is pretty funny though the double shock element of it all though, it's pretty funny. Everyone keeps asking me if it's a good representation of Stone Sour and it's a piece of what it is. You can't pick any one song on the album and say the album is like this. That's what's the great thing about - it's really all over the place and it really kind of takes you on a ride.

Q: There must be a lot more freedom in Stone Sour than you've been used to for the past few years. Is that the case?
A: There's so much more I can do in this band than with Slipknot. The thing with Slipknot is that although were very eclectic in the metal sense, we are still very stringent in metal. In Stone Sour we can do anything and get away with it.

Q: Was it always in the back of your mind the whole time you were playing with Slipknot?
A: This was something I always wanted to...even when I joined Slipknot I knew that Stone Sour wasn't over. We'd get together every so often when I wasn't on tour and we'd get together and jam and record some stuff, but it was nothing major at first. At the time I was really really into what was going on with Slipknot and towards the end of the Iowa tour cycle I was really getting burnt out on just wasn't fun anymore. The thought of doing it was really making me sick to my stomach and it's not a good place to be - I was like if I have to turn round and do another Slipknot album i'm going to lose my mind and kill myself!!!

Q: I know in the past you've said that Stone Sour is not a side project. But do find it hard juggling the two and realizing that at set point you're going to have to go back to Slipknot?
A: No, it's actually kind of helped me get into the mood of doing Slipknot again which is kind of why I wanted to do it in the first place. They are two different bands and if I cut myself off from one and I can't do the other. So because i've been able to go out and do this i'm really looking forward to working with Slipknot again and I think everybody else is feeling that way as well.

Q: There's been a lot of talk in the music press that this next Slipknot album will be the last. Could you tell us what the real story is from your point of view?
A: Rumours are bullshit - that's all people have to remember. If I had my way we'd do one more album and do a really good world tour and then call it day. Just for the fact that if you over stay your welcome you turn into a joke and i'd never want that to happen to Slipknot. We'll do this album and go out on tour and see what happens.

Q: Are you thinking about the next Stone Sour album at the moment?
A: We've got enough material for 10 albums and a box-set. There's going to be loads of material and when the time comes we'll go in the studio, crank it out and go out on the road. The next album will probably be even more eclectic than the debut because there was so much stuff we could have recorded that we just didn't have time to. We recorded the album in about a month and then mixed in about two weeks so there was loads of stuff left over that really is going to blow a lot of people's minds.

"Bother" is released on March 3rd.
The Stone Sour album is out now
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