The Supernaturals - What We Did Last Summer

There was a time when The Supernaturals were absolutely everywhere. Turn on the TV and their hit single "Smile" was used on commercials, listen to the radio or watch Saturday Morning television and The Supernaturals were there bold as brass. Then they toured with Robbie Williams in arenas all across the country, success was bound to be theirs. Then suddenly they just disappeared from the face of the earth.....until now with their brand new album "What We Did Last Summer".

As you can imagine from the title this is pop music tailor made for the summer months and the band continue to make catchy, chirpy, bitter sweet music jolly enough to raise a smile. "Wishing You Were My Girlfriend" is an ode to unrequited love using pathos and honesty in a sensitively sung track. Still influenced by the Beatles and The Beach Boys the harmonies and arrangements are luscious, yet the bizarre "Life Is A Motorway" is unique. Listing town and cities through the United Kingdom with a chorus so wacky you really have to hear it to believe it. "Easy Life" uses up to date technology with funky synthesizers in an electronic frenzy which makes its mark throughout the whole album.

These thirteen tracks are proof, if proof be needed, that The Supernaturals still have the talent to make a major comeback. This may not be the most original or ground breaking album you'll ever hear, but packed with an optimism and lust for life many bands lack its good to have the Supernaturals back doing what they do best.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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