Swell - Feed

Swell are actually the forefathers of bands such as Grandaddy, Lambchop and Gomez. The San Francisco band who were originally a 3 piece have released a seven track EP "Feed", their first release since 1988's "For All The Beautiful People".

* The title track is a laid back blues song complete with a lazy vocal and a slow, relaxed atmosphere.
* "Someday Always Comes" is very dull indeed. It's acoustic strumming is pleasant but not very exciting.
* The piano introduction of "A Velvet Sun" makes way for a lo-fi, yet funky little number which reminds me of the very early Baby Bird recordings. And its chilled out vibe suits this song a great deal.
* A nursery rhyme chant set to an incessant drum beat feels a little undeveloped on "Inside A Bomb", a song which is a bit of a filler.
* "Glad To Be Alone" has a Fun Lovin Criminals appeal and is a gem of a track.
* "Like Poverty" and "Poverty Again" are vocal and instrumental tracks respectively. Although not bad, they aren't particularly memorable.

This kind of music, slow burning and blues orientated is an acquired taste and I can't say that I was impressed. But it does have occasional flourishes of inspiration and is well worth investigating

Nicholas Paul Godkin