The Supersonic Winds of Neptune are a rabid collection of gypsies and gangsters from the bad side of town, foraging what they can from post-nuclear fallout interplanetary mining systems to create their unique and sometimes frightening blend of hard rock.80s-infected pop/ambient beautifications/funk/Las Vegas swing metal and tea-influenced Britishness

Q: Supersonic Winds Of Neptune - introduce us to your world?
A: Our world is full of metal, buttercups, shrapnel, daisies and, above all  else, supersleazy supercheesy hi-octane rock'roll, brother.

Q: In this collection of gypsies and gangsters, who are the main characters?
A:  The band is Meat Beak (me) on guitar, Bonaparte (lead vocals), Fleshpipe (vocals), Andy (bass) and Jazzi Rockchops (drums). I tend to just write a bunch of riffs, groove on them with Jazzi Rockchops... then we bring everyone else in and have it out. By the end of it all, the song has everyone's bodily fluids all over it!

Q: The Supersonic Winds Of Neptune - what are you musical influences?
A: In reality, i'm influenced by a huge range of music. but as far as everyone's influences in the context of this band its primarily 80s metal. We love motley crue, boston, man-o-war, but we like other fun stuff too like prince... anything really... we veer from pretty straight up hard rock to very silly hard rock, so you can probably guess

Q: Ridicule is nothing to be scared of - what do the boring bands on the rest of planet earth make of the SWON? Where did the look come from?
A: Haha well the look is just a combination of glam/cross-dressing/war-memorabilia/cowboy stuff... we've not perfected our look and that is ONLY because of a desperate lack of funds... ideally and, hopefully in time, we will have slaves making very specific individual outfits made for us, out of only the finest silks and grapeskins. Ridicule is nothing to be scared of... we're beyond ridicule. Do what you with confidence and you are beyond ridicule, as far as we're concerned.

In terms of other bands, we're good friends with most bands in sheffield, they enjoy us. i think the general consensus is "you guys are really silly, but you can play, and your songs are good"

Q: What's SWON's message?
A: Bring back entertainment! forget the 90s ever happened! think of a live show not in terms of yourselves but purely for the people that are there... of course some people want something quieter and more thoughtful sometimes...thats not us!!! our shows are about fun.

Q: Crazy For Love, Into Your Hole, Just Another Case Of Hit & Run - sell us the Swonsongs
A: CRAZY FOR LOVE - this is our most popular song, the one that people shout for at our shows. anthemic chorus. moderate stomping pace. blazing solo and good vocal harmonies! We really came into our own on this one, its  definitely hard rock , but i cant think of anyone else it sounds like

INTO YOUR HOLE - our fastest, hardest rocker. i've been told it sounds a bit like "2 minutes to midnight" by iron maiden but I don't know that song. Starts off with a staccato riff. There's a surprise floaty ambient mid-section as well. im a big fan of trippy delay and reverbs

JUST ANOTHER BAD CASE OF HIT & RUN - our most interesting song, odd time signatures, juicy las vegas metal style riffs, and even a godfather theme-esque passage. my personal favourite. Doesn't sound like anything i can
think of.

Q: Tell us about this tea influenced Britishness?
A: Although we clearly sound like we have a big American influence, we are proud of our british eccentricities and willingly bring all that out at gigs and in terms of our image.. I suppose our way of thinking descends straight from Monty python and queen in terms of our sense of humour and whimsical rock musings

Q: And the future for Swon - any plans for a tour?
A: We'd love to tour properly.. but there's nothing arranged. at the moment we're doing a few out of town gigs a month as well as the odd homecoming show, if another local band that'd already toured would bring us along that'd be cool... we love Rumpus, Hiem, Silverjet, The Ape Drape Escape, Pink Grease

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