As part of Designer Magazine's new focus on unsigned and raw talent we've scoured the whole of the UK, Europe and the States for the best new bands. Swurve are currently one of the best unsigned bands in Northern Ireland, although you'll soon be able to drop the "unsigned" tag and just call them your best band. With the sort of radio friendly hooks that Travis and the Stereophonics delivered on their early single, Swurve look set to bring back sing along choruses instead of "boring stuff that would get you depressed". 2004 looks set to be their year with the band gaining interest in the industry and winning Storm Radios Rock Revolution contest in February.

Q: 2004 has started off really well for you guys. Must feel good after 4 years of hard work. Give us a potted history from 2000 to now including all the dodgy names and directions you took to get where you are now?
A: Really since 2000 we have continued writing & creating songs and the new material is a lot more of a mature sound. We are constantly touring around the UK and Ireland building up our fanbase. This is hard work when you do it without financial backing, since we got a manager it has helped and we have also been attracting the attention of music industry people. I don't think our big break is to far away, In our travels we have met some famous bands along the way like the Darkness, Huey from the Fun Lovin Criminals to name a few, we are hoping to get some high profile support slots this year.

Q: The name Swurve really doesn't conger up any images of a particular  style, yet still has nods to Shoegazing and the Britpop era. Why the name Swurve?
A: Its a simple one worded catchy name, it just came out in the rehearsal room one day and we've stuck with it, i think it suits us. I agree i don't think it has images of a particular style, but this Swurve is a rock band that's for sure.

Q: Is it hard being an Irish band, so far removed from the industry heads in London?
A: Yeh it is, cause we have to travel for them to come and see us, and at times they don't turn up but that's just part and parcel of keep plugging away trying to get a break. Even U2 had to go to London to land a record deal. Easy Jet know us by our first names now

Q: Louis Walsh - the irish devil set to wipe away the cultural mark Irish music has made in the past. You agree or disagree?
A: Disagree/ When you've got bands like U2, the Corrs, the Thrills and hopefully one day Swurve around they are the cream of irish talent. While they are around they will continue to represent Irish talent. Louis is just in the karaoke section!

Q: You've got that real pop sensibilities that people see in bands like the Stereophonics or Travis. Have you always aimed to write good songs that can be hummed along on the radio?
A: Yeh i think its important to write songs that have hooks instead of boring stuff that would get you depressed. I would definitely say our stuff is radio friendly.

Q: Lyrically the Irish are renowned, whether it be Shane MaGowan or Sinead O'Connor through to more straightforward songwriters like Bono or Tim Wheeler from Ash. What do Swurve try to get through in their lyrics?
A: I think we try to put across positive vibes to people with deep meaningful lyrics, but we are just saying what we feel and see in life and going through things like everyone else, for example changes is about facing up to new things in your life, not running away from them. I don't think Bono is a straightforward songwriter. He's a genius and a legend in the world of music!

Q: Tell us about your recent single "Changes / Taste The Sunset"?
A: The single is really to promote and present us more to all music industry people throughout the UK and Ireland. Changes has had some excellent feedback and has a warmth about it that kinda sends shivers but we have a catalogue of great songs and continue to go from strength to strength.

Q: What's in store for the rest of 2004? Is there any label interest and can we expect a full length album by the end of the year? Any tours?
A: We are going to be touring the single hopefully in may, also we are in for the major festivals so it would be great to play them. We have label interest and we are going to recording some new material which will hopefully feature on our debut album, we are considering releasing one by the end of year, if not there will be a new single.

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