Teflon Monkey

2001 - the year when Wales is put back on the map as the centre of your musical universe. We've got the Manics, Catatonia and SFA all making comebacks as well as this years underground hero Teflon Monkey. Call him a Welsh Badly Drawn Boy if you like and watch him see the same criticisms of shambolic gigs, then watch him make the best album of 2002. His first EP is out on the aforementioned SFA's label "Placid Casual" around February / March so just remember where you heard the name first.

Q: The name "Teflon Monkey" - where's it from and whats the Welsh obsession with monkeys?
A: Its not from anywhere. Its just two random names put together. Everyone keeps asking me how I spell monkey, they get confused with the Gorky's spelling.

Q: What are the main influences?
A: Folk from the 60's and 70's, but also a lot of newer bands like Shellac, Fugazi, the Super Furries and Gorky's. Lyrically its the teenage introverted angst.

Q: When did the Super Furries get involved?
A: We'll they'd released their own album and single on the label and a 7" single by a guy who's now a member of Gorky's. Mine's the 4th release on the label.

Q: How does it feel to be the Welsh BDB?
A: The weeklies haven't seen me yet so I'm still waiting for all the comparisons. Perhaps when the EP comes out then that's what people will be saying. In the live shows its just me and a guitar but on the EP there's just so many instruments on there - it sounds fuller.

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