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There's been a hive of activity in French dance music over the last few years. Daft Punk, Air and MC Solar are cool, credible acts who have been phenomenally successful. Telepopmusik have already released "Breathe" asa a single and the Portishead sound-a-like epic "Love Can Damage Your Health" featuring the unforgettable vocals of Angela McCluskey is to be released in May.

The French electronic trio have a made a striking and charming album. Like the Avalanches they have a lot of fun while recording especially on "Lets Go Again" which has the human beatbox talents of Chilly Gonzales. "Dance Me" is erhaps rather predictable euro-pop fodder buy "Do-hoola" is a delightfully catchy off-beat slice of life lyrical odyssey. There's son many fresh and imaginative ideas on display and the depth of influences from lush jazz to electo pop is an indication of the genius of production and array of talent which Fabrice Dumont, Stephen Haer and Antipop have between them.

This will appeal not only to lovers of dance music but also fans of rap, ambient, French house and offers something that everyone enjoys i.e. catchy melodies and top tunes. Its not too experimental but does take chances and you the listener should take a chance on Telepopmusik.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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