The Coral - Manchester MDH - 13.6.02

Originally they were due to co-headline this tour with The Music, but due to ill health its the Coral out there on their own with two supports bands hastily arranged to replace them. With Ian Broudie, Pete Wylie and M People's Mike Pickering in the audience the weird and wonderful Wirral band have attracted a celebrity buzz which includes credible musicians and the usual suspect showbiz hanger-ons ala Kate Moss and Stella McCartney. With the Strokes and The White Stripes receiving so much attention at the moment it's good to remind everyone that great music doesn't just come from America.

The Coral play way out sea shanty style ditties and incorporate a psychedelic wall of sound, borrowing from the past but in a subtle way while still sounding contemporary and fresh. "Shadows Fall" is the sound of genius being born and bears well for their debut album which is due out next month and incidentally produced by the aforementioned Ian Broudie. They're a band who can't be categorized as their influences and style of music spans oceans and continents, but bringing it back home their love of Liverpool is demonstrated when they burst into a cover of the Teardrops Explodes classic "Reward".

Good tune, intelligent lyrics and melodic magical moments. The Coral are one of those bands making waves this year who have the potential to be around for the long haul. The band are playing festivals over the summer on one of the smaller stages this year, but in a few years we may just be seeing the Coral headlining Glastonbury. They really are that good!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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