The Divine Brown - How The Divine Brown Saved Rock N Roll

Possibly the worst band name since The Dandy Warhols or the work of genius minds living the rock & roll dream in overdrive. Named after the ho' that became the most famous woman in the world pre-Lewinsky for the Hugh Grant incident it would have been a true work of genius to call this album "The Divine Brown Suck" but maybe that was just a little too obvious banana skin on the floor school of comedy.

The Divine Brown subscribe to the same rock & roll ideology of Gold Blade - the gang ethic mixed with a love of 50s rock & roll and punk and the f**k the rest of world mentality. The connection doesn't end there though as the debut Divine Brown single was released on the Blade frontman John Robb's label Thrill City. Early support gigs included the likes of the Hives and the Datsuns and if "How The Divine Brown....." is anything to go by then god knows why the national media chose Howlin Pele over these guys as the press darlings of the moment. The Divine Brown have the sort of energy that can only be humanly achieved by a combination of 24 hour Cocaine, sunny delight and red bull binges and the desire to push the human body to breaking point. "I Got The Fire" and "Superlive 45" have the sort of hooks which suggest the Divine Brown know how to write punk with pop hooks but elsewhere its hardcore riffing all the way for the rest of this mini-album.

The Divine Brown may not have saved rock & roll, but they had a f**king good go trying. While they'll never be as Divine as the Divine David they're blowing away the cobwebs on the UK Punk Scene.

Alex McCann

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