The Feeling - Manchester Academy 1- 15.11.06

It is always a sign that a band has reached its true level when the shrill cries of “Anyone need tickets?” rings out from the gang of touts outside the venue. There weren’t many takers tonight, but still, it is a sell out and an enthusiastic entrance by the dapper singer Dan Gillespie, immediately raises the expectation level. Hence the swooning indie/pop show can begin and inevitably, the utilisation of the saccharine coated love-out and debut single ‘Fill My Little World’ melts attendees into a sense of still awe. This continues throughout most of the set, as despite the ranging guitars and catchy vocal range there is not much dancing or even shuffling going on. The love enhancing theme continues and, even gathers momentum through the richly textured guitars and more commanding singing displayed in ‘Never Be Lonely’. This is where shades of Suede appear especially in the vocals, nipping in and out of the set like a mysterious character in a thriller.

Numbers from the uplifting and at times masterful debut album ‘Twleve Steps and Home’, retain their snappy nature in a live setting. Proceedings take a turn into Duke Special, John Lennon and nearly Keane territory midway through, as keyboardist Ciaran Jeremiah takes centre stage for a lolloping run through ‘I Miss You’, a hidden track from the above album (in case you haven’t found it yet?). Given the fact that the band were once a covers band, their saunter through Buggles’ ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ has some nostalgia and is pulled off quite well. The retro inclinations segue into the yearning, keyboard kicked ‘Sewn’, to show an ability to build a tempo and add some range at a gig. This is achieved with only one album’s worth of material, something that too many bands are failing to pull off these days.

David Adair
Photo: Andy Stubbs

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