The Futureheads - The Futureheads

In comparison to the Futureheads first gig, this album is almost prog rock. Clocking in at 36 minutes its a far cry from that first gig when they managed to tear through four songs in 7 minutes. Born out of the DIY ethic they started the band with no ambitions other than to create something interesting in their native town. Word spread and all of a sudden they went over to Texas to play the SXSW festival and there's a rumoured US tour with Franz Ferdinand coming up later this the year.

"This is the job that people die for", "You eat shit cos you're stupid and shallow", "In the future we all die, machines will last forever" - The Futureheads deal in the idea that more is less. Why write an essay when you can pin it down to a easy digestible slogans. Abrasive angular guitars and military precision drumming jar with four part harmonies which sound like the PJ and Duncan put through Bad Boys boot camp for a month. Lyrically The Futureheads deal with everyday life scenarios and universal truths. False conversations, the first day at work and love. What makes it all so interesting that rather than wrap it up in metaphors the band deliver it straight as it is and aren't afraid to say it how it is. You can imagine the band sitting in the pub on a Friday night making social critique's of their fellow patrons and then heading straight to the studio on the Saturday morning to lay it all out onto tape.

In a world where increasing dull bands try to make their dull offerings sound interesting, The Futureheads are a unique proposition who make the minutia of day to day life sound like essential, vital and vibrant.

Alex McCann

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