The Glitterati - Manchester Academy 1 - 23.4.04

To be supporting two well established rock bands, Therapy and The Wildhearts must be a god send to up and coming quintet The Glitterati. The ferocious five piece from Leeds opened up for King Adora on their recent tour and have been played prominently on late night Radio 1.

The Glitterati have the glamorous appeal of the New York Dolls mixed with the punk DIY ethic of the Sex Pistols. The lead singer has a Ronnie Wood barnet, a cocky grin and plenty of ballsy attitude whether he's flirting with the ladies and twirling his microphone flamboyantly. With a touch of Guns N Roses about them, the anthemic rock band from yorkshire sound just as Americanised as Busted. New single "Here Comes The Close Up" warms the crowd up slowly and surely while "Lower Than Low" is another blast of vitriolic rock with a dash of optimism.

The Glitterati show a lot of promise and while their songs have plenty of energy, feature some mind blowing guitar solos. They can throw the shapes and have the rock star posturing down to a tee, but the guys need to try a little harder with the songs. They may sound like a lot of other bands, but with a little fine tuning The Glitterati could blow the competition away with the greatest of ease.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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