The Go Team (XFM Access All April) - Manchester Roadhouse - 12.4.06

The Go! Team don’t so much as take to the stage, as bounce on it with an vibrancy and enthusiasm that is as contagious as bird flu.

Musically created from samples pasted together in the bedroom of "leader" Ian Parton, the Go experience is brought to life, not merely as a fairly faithful reproduction of the sounds on the CD, (after all, one could spend the night at home & listen to it rather than traipse around town) but with the inspired introduction of Ninja at the front, the audience interaction is enhanced.   She cajoles the willing participants into chanting along to newwie “Doin it Right”; she finds out what questions the crowd needed to answer to get the complementary ticket for the gig. (How many legs has an Octopus?) and generally provides a fine focus for the band

From his bedroom to the Brits, the Go team somehow manage to squeeze into a cramped dressing room as part of this XFM presentation, but once released onto the stage, the band bounce between instruments, including a twin set of drums.

A new armory of songs has been melded for the second album and a few are displayed tonight.  including "Wrath of Mikey” and  "We Listen Everyday". Luckily they don’t deviate too much from the bristling trombone backdrops that's then draped in guitars, but have enough distinctive (e.g. glockenspiels, lush keyboards etc.) touches to show onwards progress

Live, it's back to Ninja, and another fresh song is "Titanic Vandalism" that may have been written specifically for her.  It's a brash collision of guitars, with forcefully delivered vocals and is rampant with vibrancy and energy.

An hour later, "Ladyflash" closes the set, and Ninja once again bounces onto the speakers and this time treats us to a sample of different styles of dancing, from Irish, to Chinese, to African.  With one bound, she, and the band leave with the cheers ringing in their ears

The bar has been  set for the gig of the year competition

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