The Go Team - 53 Degrees Preston - 1.10.07

As part of the NME Freshers Tour, the Mercury Prize nominated (for 2005s debut album "Thunder, Lightning Strike") band arrive at a poorly attended 53 Degrees. Why this venue has failed to attract a band with one of the largest student populated cities in the country is a mystery to us? Still everyone with a good sense to turn up tonight is in for a treat. Far from being a one off fluke with their first album, The Go Team have made an even better one with the recently released follow up "Proof Of Youth"

The Go Team are led by a rapper dressed like a cheerleader called Ninja who apart from looking stunning has the dance moves and attitude to match her unmistakable voice. The collective also have two drummers and various other musicians who swap their instruments with military precision throughout the night. Beginning with "Flashlight Fight", their collaboration with Public Enemy's Chuck D who unsurprisingly isn't here tonight, the hybrid of beats, rap, dance, rock and funk all mesh perfectly with sirens blazing on a magnificent opening number. On occasional vocals when not drumming is Chi Fukomi Taylor whose sweet voice and presence is in stark contrast to the more brash Ninja.

"Grip Like A Vice" is an out of this worlds, unbelievably ambitious dance track with rock undertones, an assault on the senses for sure but one which is also welcome to hear. The alternative rock of American bands like Sonic Youth can be heard very clearly on "Keys To The City" with rapping and a horn sound adding to the sheer inventive brilliance of The Go Team. Respect is due to main man, creative genius Ian Parton who as well as stints on guitar and drums, writes all the songs and orchestrates everything making them sound so accomplished.

The best is saved to last. After introducing the band, Ninja and The Go Team perform "Ladyflash", a former single reminding us all that they've been this good from day one

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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