The Heartbreaks -The Deaf Institute, Manchester - 9.4.11

The dimly lit concert hall of the Deaf Institute has quickly filled up. They’re almost twenty minutes late, before the Morecambe-four ascend the stage. It’s going to be a rocking Saturday night.

The last time I saw The Heartbreaks play here they were supporting Carl Barât, this time they are headlining, and what a great band they are live.

They put on an uncomplicated performance, there’s not much room on the stage but it doesn’t stop the lad’s energetic show. It’s all jangly guitars and ballads of lessons learned in love, with echoes of a once prosperous northern seaside town creeping into their lyrics.

The video footage projected onto the back screen shows the seaside town as it is today, but sadly it’s not the Morecambe it once was, and this is evident in Kondras’ song writing. But it’s Matthew’s voice that brings those words to life. He’s an emotive front man and extremely melodramatic, as if he’s personally felt the pain of a broken heart himself.

From the moment they arrive on stage there’s this astonishingly recognisable sound. You can feel the energy these lads have for life and love for their instruments. They sing a good selection of songs, including new songs Delay and Remorseful and the new ‘grittier’ version of Jealous, Don’t You Know, their third single, which is due to be released on 18th April.

The gig was a sell out and it won’t be long before they are selling out the bigger venues for sure. They have something original to offer. A pinch of Blondie with a hint of The Smiths, mixed with Orange Juice, a classic sound rooted firmly in the 80’s with a modern twist. And if you haven’t heard them yet, I suggest you do - they’ll just blow you away.

Words/Photo: Amanda J Window

The official video for The Heatbreaks third single, Jealous, Don’t you know:


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