The Holloways - Manchester Academy 2 - 25.5.07

There was an underlying concern of whether, on the Holloways umpteenth live return to Manchester, the band could keep an exciting performance using the same regurgitated album. This soon became a myth as the Holloways blew away Academy 2’s cobwebs making it clear to see that the chirpiness lies both in the band live performance and in their acceptable pop tunes. The audience admittedly were becoming impatient due to surviving a dismal and disappointing set from Kubichek! who left very little to the imagination with a lucid and generic live show.

And so the time arrives, The Holloways bound on eager to begin their set and proclaiming “this is gonna be a good night Manchester” and they did not disappoint.

Joint vocalists Alfie and Rob share a chemistry reminiscent of The Libertines with shared mic’s and the occasional manly hug which portrays as well as the on stage frantics there is a friendship that is worth admiring

The Holloways have a unique and refreshing approach to their relationship with the fans. An endearing and charming sight to see the band, adorn some home-made t shirts made by the screaming girl in the front row.

Musically the Holloways are still on form, performing a tight and strong set with new songs to refresh and rejuvenate the show. A raw but nevertheless bizarrely sensational rendition of Wigfield’s “Saturday night” certainly only added to the ecstatically enchanting evening.

Their cheeky chappy way of life bodes well for their future in “the industry”, as the new songs that were showcased bursted with life and had some fiddle goodness thrown in for good measure. It’s evident to see that the Holloways are truly and honestly grateful for their success and realise it all boils down to the fans hard at work buying all their records

The Holloways manage to satisfy both the pop pre teens of the Saturday morning generation as well as the die hard indie kids who will hold on to their trilbies to the grave. They are a band of substance and deserve credit beyond their pop pretence as evidently live gigs are where the Holloways thrive as a band and dedication is portrayed through suffering injury’s just to deliver a successful evening of frolics. Yes, it could be agued that the Holloways have been overheard and over played but their skill and talent at juggling being both a credible indie band and first class entertainers, which in this time of “lad rock” stardom, is definitely an invigorating sight

Hannah Clark

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