The Human League - The Very Best Of

The mixed fortunes of 80s popstars eh. Boy George - heroin addict turned superstar DJ turned West End Luvvie. Adam Ant - currently sectioned under the mental health act. Tony Hadley - last seen degrading himself on Reborn In The USA alongside Dollar and Sonia. And The Human League I hear you ask? A near sold out tour of theatres across the UK, Liberty X and George Michael sampling "Being Boiled" and "Love Action" for Top 10 singles respectively and a compilation album that proves alongside ABC they were possibly the greatest pop band of the 80s.

The rule of pop suggests that after 20-30 years that the decade must be rehashed and while it was true that for many years the 80s were terminally uncool and attempts to start a New Romantic revival with Romo were none starters, it seems that with the School Disco nights and the electroclash scene twin peaks of culture right now that the 80s are well and truly in fashion. For some people "Don't You Want Me" might remind you of that terrible advert, but it still doesn't distract from the fact it's one of those all time classics that DJs at Wedding Receptions and 21st Party's will never take away from. "The Sound Of The Crowd" all military position, "Mirror Man" aping the Motown sounds of the decade previous, "Together In Electric Dreams" with it's pop perfection and later hits such as "Tell Me When" and "One Man In My Heart" which sound better than they ever did when they were first released.

As per usual the remix CD is worth forgetting about and is only there to drag in the completists out there, but that's a fault of the music industry rather than the band itself. I've never been one to shy away from pop music and while acts such as S Club have released classic singles over the past few years you have to wonder whether they'll be being played 20 years down the line. It's doubtful and yet listening to these songs again it seems we'll never tire of them. See you down the front on the tour in December.

Alex McCann

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