The Kills - Manchester Academy 3 - 18.6.03

Hotel and VV happen to be the least rock & roll names ever. They also happen to be the least "anything" name in history. Super heroes, Cartoon Characters, Porn Stars, Foreign Football Players - however hard you try you're not going to find anything they fit into apart from the latest council estate range of Ford Cars. How then do we find ourselves tonight watching a band who ooze rock & roll cool. VV cigarette permanently clenched in her hands looking like one debauched mo-fo while hotel looks down on her like he's auditioning for an R&B video and has thoughts of sexing the lady up whether she wants it or not.

Dang - Da Da Da Da - Dang....the unforgettable riff from "Superstition" begins over a fractured beat which pounds like the worst hangover. Songs are out the window with the Kills and the each track is based around a groove which draws you in and doesn't let you go till your head resembles a nodding dog in a car window. Who cares if you look like a stupid f**ker when every one else in the room is being drawn into the same hypnotic riff each and every time before Hotel and VV click their fingers and we wait patiently to be taken under again. For those who own the "Keep On Your Mean Side" is the ultimate highs of "Pull A U", "Fried My Little Brains" and superbly titles "F**k The People"

The Kills are a unique experience and one I still can't quite decide whether I like it or not. The beats leave your head with a feeling that you've had a great time the night before, but you can't recall exactly what you got up to. It's f**king bizarre, but that's the Kills all over.

Alex McCann

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