The Lancashire Hotpots - 53 Degrees Preston - 17.11.07

If Peter Kay and John Shuttleworth collaborated with The Houghton Weavers then they'd probably sound very much like the Lancashire Hotpots. Musically it's traditional folk, but lyrically the humour lies in the 21st century world of sat navs, facebook, emos and modern dance music. The sold out crowd comprises more flat caps, beards and beer bellies than a farmers market. Obviously students love this comedy based performance as its in the spirit of Mark and Lards Shirehorses.

The Lancashire Hotpots mantra is "glasses in the air" as the fans raise their pints with a cheer for the band. Cynics may sneers that it's a one joke act from very ordinary musicians, but that would fail to miss the point completely. These four individuals are here to make sure everyone has a good laugh, to sing along, enjoy themselves and to have a great night. The fact that they're actually from St Helens which is technically in the wirral just adds to the whold fun.

"He's Turned Emo" is certainly one of the funniest songs off the album "Never Mind The Hotpots". The lyrical word play is clever and intelligent and it never pokes fun at the subject in hand. It's gentle humour but very well observed and as the beer keeps on flowing the singing and laughter from the audience increases in volume. "Shop Mobility Scooter" slows down the mood as drummer Willie Eckerslike relaxes his style as the rotund sticksman watches the frontman por his heart out in a style not unlike Liam Gallagher. We get a double helping of "Chippy Tea" wrapped up with cheeky puns about traditional no nonsense northern grub for the working man. There's even a couple of new songs in the Hotpots reportorire like "Keys Wallet Phone" but the jewel is "Bang Bang Thumpy Dance Music" where the likes of The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx are lampooned merciouslessly with a Lancashire twang and a smile on their faces.

With Goldie Looking Chain seemingly content to hang up their hoodies for the time being it's the turn of The Lancashire Hotpots to take the crown as Britain's finest comedy musical act of the 21st Century

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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