The Little Ones – Sing Song

The Little ones are the latest band from sunny California to wash up on Britain’s shores for all to hear. The band’s mini-album, ‘Sing Song’ is their chance to break into the UK for good this year and they’ve made it clear that they’d love to do this.

Normally you can distinctively tell if a band is American or British. No matter what decade, there has always been a national boundary across the Atlantic sea. The Little Ones are one of the few bands that seems seem to break this boundary. Although very much Californian, the band seem to have a very distinctive British indie feel. This is shown well in, ‘Lovers Who Uncover’ that has an intro that screams Dakota. But the album’s British feel is something that I am sure we could fish out of any typical indie band on the scene at the moment.

Sing Song is an album that is very mediocre. There are no tracks that stand out for being very bad or good. Howhever, some tracks probably do grow on you such as ‘Let Them Ring Out’ with its simple but effective drum and vocal intro. But many songs seem to disappoint after about 30 seconds of listening: ‘Face the Facts’ has a fantastic upbeat intro with a very catchy riff, but when the verse begin all the beauty disappears and it turns out to become yet another mediocre song. The mini-album’s debut single, ‘Oh MJ!’, is another prime example of this, it has quite an urban feel to it which blends Keane and the Libertines together creating some kind of average mush.

The band name: ‘The Little Ones’ is very suited to this band’s music. There is slightly innocent and childish feel about this album that gives it a colourful flair. However, although the little ones are a promising band for the future, they’ve got a long way to grow. After all, they are only little ones.

James Bingham

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