The Music / Nylon Pylon - Manchester Academy - 11.01.03

You may recognize Nylon Pylon's bass player from when he played in the Clint Boon Experience. He's the face of the band and goes by the name of Stubbsy and following 12 months locked in the studio the band are set to release their debut single for London Records (following a couple of limited edition EP's on Clint's Booney Tunes label). Opening with an explosive instrumental these electro punks are full of that Northern "we can take the world on" attitude and in Stubbsy have a frontman which could become a Smash Hits pin-up. Sadly though their hybrid of of dance and rock lacks memorable tunes, the vocals strictly unremarkable and sadly left me unimpressed.

Manchester has had to wait seven months to see The Music after the Leeds band had to cancel their co-headline tour with the Coral in June following frontman Robert Harveys throat infection. Seemingly the wait had not quenched the fans thirst when I heard a girl in the queue telling her friend she paid £35 to a tout for a ticket, which considering they originally went on sale for just over a tenner is true devotion. No surprise though considering that since the band released their first single, the provocatively titled "You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me" they have become the darlings of the music press, supported Oasis and had their debut album produced by Jim Abbis whose past clients have included DJ Shadow and Bjork.

Harvey has an amazing voice with a remarkable range with it not being an overstatement to compare him to Richard Ashcroft. You can tell when he's in top form by his Ian Curtis styled dancing, shape throwing and attempting Jackie Chan style kung fu manoeuvres. On the other hand guitarist Adam Nutter is quite content to just stand there basking in the glory of being the first real guitar hero of the 21st Century. For a band so young The Music are surprisingly mature with a sound not dissimilar to Led Zeppelin in their 70s hey day. It's striking the confidence the band have and with the epic sound and a psychedelic light show which Spiritualised would be proud of they truly do shine. Keeping in between song banter to a minimum the band play to their strengths, which includes a short acoustic spot by Harvey, with the youngish crowd loving every minute especially recent single "Get Away". Thank you for The Music!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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