The Noisettes - Manchester Night & Day - 19.1.06

Now when was the last time you saw someone attempting to play a guitar with a loaf of bread as front woman Shingai Shoniwa did tonight?  Nothing but the best, wholemeal, unsliced, stuff as well.  The use of drum sticks instead of plectrums is far too common place nowadays, and the use of vibrators is passé so she spontaneously “borrowed” someone loaf and put it to \ novel use.  Obviously it didn’t last for that long as the strings cut though it in the manner of a highly efficient slicer, and it did sound rubbish, but it typifies the “you just don’t know what will happen next” event of a Noisettes gig.

Shoniwa demands your attention whilst she’s on stage, whether it be whilst she is  wrapping one leg over her guitar yet still playing it, or her prowling the perimeter of the stage like a lioness stalking its prey.

Different types of musical genres blend effortlessly together in the raw, meaty output, in a manner, that’s opposite to that of the Test Icicles, whose output at times can resemble a car crash of sounds.    This gig is brash, loud and vibrant, ensuring the audience quickly begin moving their limbs to sonic clash of a savoury punk/rock/metal cocktail.

It’s not all a frantic, lack of subtlety, noise; they can cleverly slacken the pace whilst maintaining the intensity, and Shonwia gets the opportunity to reveal that her voice is not a one dimensional variation of Skin (Skunk Anansie ), but it can also be deceptively enticing, in a Shirley Bassey, seductress, type manner

A one person show it isn’t though, however captivating Shoniwa may be; drummer Jamie Morrison is a blur of arms and hair as he produces the thumping beats that drive both Shonwia and guitarist Dan Smith on.  Smith contorts his body, wringing the last angry notes from his fret board, such that the crowd want, and get, a deserved encore.

The Noisettes should be Nimble enough to overcome any hurdles in their way

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