The Noisettes - 53 Degrees Preston - 3.5.07

It amazes us that London trio Noisettes aren't huge. Last year alone their live shows were events rather than just gigs. Their strings of singles, each a little gem, special and unique came and went without anybody really taking notice. A support slot with Muse should have catapulted them into the big league but mainstream success has so far eluded them. For such a visual band it's unusual that music television haven't snapped them up for an appearance. Are you paying attention producers of Later With Jools Holland, Transmission and Pop World?

Their album "What's The Time Mr Wolf?" released in early February had the rawness of their gigs without being under-produced. While people haven't exactly come out in droves it's still quite an encouraging turn out. Shingai Shoniwa is perhaps one of the most physical performers you'll see all year. The singer and bass player is petite and unforgettable. Her voice can be very much in the style of Billie Holiday, sultry, with a jazz infection but she can also scream and holler like a rock chick. Dan Smith on guitar has been playing his instrument since he was fourteen. This is a man who worshipped Hendrix, loved  Led Zep and immersed himself in rock'n'roll guitar legends. His Clockwork Orange t-shirt with the words The Droogs Don't Work is typically him. Drummer Jamie Morrison is like Animal from the muppets, all hair and power, a very watchable tubthumper.

"Don't Give Up" has rockabilly riffs with the swamp infested blues of the White Stripes with Miss Shoniwa wailing like a Banshee at times. Re-released single "Scratch Your Name" has the guitarist on backing vocals as the speedy song is hard to resist and easy to love. "Bridge To Canada" has the hard edged fever of Skunk Anansie as the band catalogue the misadventures of touring.

Shingai asks what is Preston famous for? to be answered with Freddie Flintoff, the boozy cricketer. She also discloses that the band have enjoyed the gig and before the frontwoman leaves she smiles and is told she's beautiful by a young girl at the front. Let's hope that next time Noisettes play this venue, word of mouth with ensure a sell out

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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