The Only Ones - Manchester Academy 2 - 1.6.07

It’s amazing how many bands people discover purely by some huge brand releasing a new product and using some obscure genius’s music for their adverts. The Only Ones, (along with other bands such as The Mock Turtles) have even rejoined in the aftermath of adverts due to so many people saying to themselves “Great tune! Who’s it by?”

The Only Ones were a small punk band from the late 1970s best known for the brilliant ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’. Last year the band decided to rejoin once again, playing their first gig in 25 years right here in Manchester.

From the first chord heard, it was easy to see why these guys have been missed. Playing through all their great songs such as the intensely punky ‘Lovers of Today’, the aggressive ‘Why Don’t You Just Kill Yourself’ (a particular favourite amongst the audience) and of course the epic, ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’. Amazingly, Perrett’s twangy vocals seem as fresh as they were 25 years ago. Perry’s gorgeous and frequent guitar solos are just amazing to hear. The Only Ones also performed a newly written song hinting at the possibility of a future album.

The Only Ones definitely have not lost the magic touch. However, one thing they have lost is support. Despite being unable to play in Manchester Academy due to refurbishments being done to the venue, the band was unable to even sell out academy 2. It seems a shame that the some of the few gems of punk left are going unnoticed when bands that produce the same music as everyone else are selling out the MEN Arena.

Reunions can be bad and they can be awful, but on occasion they can be a breath of fresh air. I urge you to try to get tickets to one of the dates even if the phrase ‘The Only Ones’ has never crossed you in your life. Trust me, you’ll like what you hear.

James Bingham

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