The Others / The Dude - 53 Degrees Preston - 6.12.05

Can you think of any successful rock bands from France? Neither can I, but The Dude could change all that and are one of Designer Magazine's tips for the New Year. With a hulking figure of a frontman with the unkempt features of Dylan Moran, a foxy lady on bass and cool as f**k guitarist and drummer,  all four of the band are dressed in black and are ready for rough rock action. Like a hybrid of The Strokes and The Hives with a penchant for dirty blues, The Dude are an arresting live act. "Give Me" is a bit garage rock, while "Mr Voice" has a Green Day vibe with some frenetic fret work. All members of the band give occasional bursts of vocals as The Dude are a group effort. "Trust" is a blast of Iggy Pop scuzz rock while "Marguerite" is one of the tracks off new single "I Want You Babe".

Notorious for their guerilla gigs, controversial views on drugs and association with Pete Doherty, according to other elements of the music press The Others are the enfants terrible of the British Music Scene. Whether this is true is debatable, but what is a fact and often goes unreported is that the Others are a cracking live act and the devotion shown by their fans is on the verge of fanaticism. With the 836 squad following them around the country I'm baffled at how few people have turned up tonight.

Impish leader of The Others, Dominic Masters looks like a real life Dickensian character with his scruffy clothes, unruly mop of hair, mischievous grin and look of defiance. He's a likeable chap a commanding frontman whose natural connection with his fans makes him the real deal. Intense, but charming as he spits out the lryics with venom. Tracks off their underrated debut album are played with raw honesty, but we also hear some new songs which'll be on their 2nd album out next year. "Watch It" is an indie rocker which has future live favourite written all over it. "Got No Money" is also an immediate track with the crowd who are now even more excited at the prospect of such a promising follow up. Dominic even mentions his admiration for the football museum which was originally at the Harris Museum last time he played the Mill. The Others wait right till the end for their best song to date, "This If For The Poor".

Much better than the overrated Babyshambles, The Others deserve even greater success in 2006.

Words: Nicholas Paul Godkin
Photos: Barrie Thomspon -




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