The Proclaimers - The Best Of.....

You wouldn't thin it, but the The Proclaimers have fans as young as six years old. Since their single "I'm On My Way" was featured in the movie Shrek their popularity has broadened immensely. They may be two bespectacled ordinary looking twins, but Craig and Charlie Reid have certainly made a mark universally, so a Best Of album is a wonderful reminder of how many great songs the Proclaimers have penned.

From the sparse stripped down "This Is The Story" album, the song "Letter From America" was transformed from an acoustic original to a re-recorded Gerry Rafferty produced hit single featuring an unforgettable chorus. The political, witty lyrics delivered with a no nonsense Scottish brogue was un-missable. Not since Billy Bragg arrived on the scene with "Between The Wars" had political music been so important. When "King Of The Road" and "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" featured in the films The Crossing and Benny & Joon the band has success in America, Australia and New Zealand.

For the die hard Proclaimers fans there's a couple of brand new tracks included on this compilation. "The Doodle Song" is actually a cover of a song originally recorded by Frankie Miller, while "Ghost Of Love" and "Lady Luck" are Reid Brothers originals and well worth the purchase.

In a musical climate obsessed with image it's a joy to have the Proclaimers, who on the strength of this album prove that good quality songs and passionate performances are what matters. There's a timeless quality to the music which ultimately will outlast the flavour of the month and a melody's that dig away incessantly.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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