Some bands get column inches for all the wrong reasons...other bands are simply in it for the music, which is why rather than have an elongated interview about which supermodel their shagging or how many gigs they've cancelled last minute cos they smacked out their head, we're simply giving you the basic facts on the Rodents and letting the music speak for itself. The music is a glorious mixture between Dogs Die In Hot Cars with the force of the Foo Fighters. Their debut album is a compilation of their 3 EP's to date and unlike the Kaiser Chiefs who are 1 great single and 12 fillers, this band have a plethora of great songs to choose from.

RODENTS FACT 1: The Rodents are: Michael Mcghee & Gerry Cope (guitars) David Pearson (bass guitar) Ricky Johnson (drums)

RODENTS FACT 2: They met at school, and while the other boys were playing football, they were busy  twanging their g strings

RODENTS FACT 3:  There are lots of things happening in glasgow, with new venues opening and established ones still going
strong. A lot of the local radio stations are now doing more to promote unsigned bands which is great. some bands to watch are lucerna, the ads, b comrades,

RODENTS FACT 4: The success of any band (Franz Ferdinand) from a major city always has a positive effect on the music scene of that city, not just from record companies and media but it also encourages people to join bands and start making their own music.

RODENTS FACT 5: The Rodents are a multi influenced band and this shows in their sound which they hope to take to a very wide audience.

RODENTS FACT 6: The highlight for the band with regards to "sometimes" was the response the album received in america, lots of radio plays and charting in some credible music charts with some big names.

RODENTS FACT 7: Future plans include playing at motherwell concert hall on 7th october then the exchange in edinburgh on 29 nov. and in-between these gigs we are recording a new album and a dvd for release in Jan/Feb. although the band hasn't played much lately they have been busy rehearsing new material for recording. the website is also due to be updated.

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