The Subways - Academy 3 -  6.3.05

What's up with Subways front man Billy Lunn then?  The set sparkled from the opening bars of "I Wanna Hear?" but there appears to be something niggling away at him, and he sounds tetchy.  Well, the only time he bothers to introduce a song he does, which is final number "Oh Yeah" and there is more than just a hint in his voice that he's glad it is. Perhaps he has just
realised that's it's the next single, but that would be cynical of anyone to think that.

As the last chords echo around the small venue he stomps off in a manner that even seems to catch bassist Charlotte Cooper, and his brother and drummer Josh, off guard. Yet it's a mere 20 minutes since the set started. A one song encore is begrudgingly given as Lunn again storms off stage pointing backwards into the audience and muttering his annoyance to the
stage crew.  Cooper doesn't know whether or not to take her beer with her, poor lass

Perhaps he believes that the not quite capacity crowd should by now be familiar with their back catalogue after the intense gigging they have been involved with and such niceties as intros are not necessary.  Well, the crowd aren't, and apart from the two at the feet of Lunn who seem to be undergoing their own epileptic fits, some nod their head appreciatively, but legs remain rooted to the spot.

And when the crowd roar for more, it's mote to do with a feeling that their entrance fee deserves more in terms of quantity.

Yet the rawness and undoubted ability flickers brightly thoughout, albeit all to briefly, while the finale is allowed to overshadow many positive aspects

Lunn and Cooper charge about the stage menacingly, facing off against each other.  Cooper herself is a bounding bundle of energy, perfect eye fodder in her short skirt for the indie lads, that make up a crowd that is evenly split between the sexes.  Almost overlooked on drums, Josh provides the support for Billy to discharge the chords, and Cooper to rifle her bass

And then they were gone.  Must be a good film on tonight

Words & Photo: Ged Camera -

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