The Sylmarillion - The Sylmarillion

Did you know that the band Marillion were originally called Sylmarillion? Canadian, progressive alternative supergroup The Sylmarillion have reclaimed the name, which was derived from JRR Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings, for themselves. Box bedroom rebels should take to the Sylmarillion like the proverbial duck to water. It's perfect listening for the disillusioned youth of today.

"Forsaken Son" has that unmistakable underground grungy guitar sound and singer Tim Riedel has the kind of voice which could only belong to a man who's suffered for his art. Songwriting for him must be a cathartic healing process for his soul. His limited, strained and gravely voice is ideal for the bands style of music. The line "You'll always be the one you'll want to be" has a sadness about it which rings true by the honesty of the pathos and honesty of the lyrics. Danny McKenzie's gentle guitar playing on "Amazing" begins a slow and meandering song which is low key and a touch on the maudlin side. "Just One" is a gothic tinged tracks which mirrors the unsettling ambience of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. It's live feel matched with the unfussy production only adds to the authentic and fresh approach The Sylmarillion have chosen to take. Perhaps a touch morbid for some it does have a truthful self confessional appeal if just a little but self indulgent. "Damage Control" reminds me of the Cult and it rocks out big time. More unlucky in love lyrics arrive in the shape of "You're Bringing Me Down".

The Sylmarillion have made a good solid debut album. It is rather long if you listen to it in one sitting. Perhaps in the future The Sylmarillion could remember the old adage that less is more.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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