It’s been a few years since Manchester churned out a classic band. People seem to think that next up could possibly be The Tides. Clint Boon seems to think The Tides are responsible for ‘one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.’ We happen to agree!

Designer Magazine: How did you guys form then and how long have you been together?
Liam: Well it took a while to get the line-up we’ve get now. I met Mark, the guitarist, from working with him and the rest just came piece by piece from newspaper ads and word of mouth.

Designer Magazine: So there’s been change in line-up several times?
Liam: Apart from the drummer situation, it’s always been the same line-up. Hopefully this is our third and final drummer, it he behaves himself! It took a while to get everything sorted but we’ve been settled for over a year and half now I think.

Designer Magazine: Recently you released a double A-side of ‘You’ll never Change’ & ‘Fall’ what made you decided to not release them as two separate singles?
Liam: It just seems to be the in thing at the moment. We’ve seen a few other bands do it that are in our position. To be honest, I don’t really know why we did it. We could have done things better, but why not?

Jim: They’re just both good songs. You couldn’t put have one of the songs as a B-Side because it’s like putting one of them down in a way. 


Designer Magazine: Well which one of the 2 are your favourite?
Mark: Days will be Changed Forever.

Liam: That’s not even on it!

Jim: I’m not even on that song; I’ve never even heard it.

Liam: At the time we decided ‘You’ll Never Change’ was a really big song for us, but ‘Fall’ was probably better received. It got more air play and more people took to that a bit quicker. But they both did their job.

Designer Magazine: You played at in the city a few weeks ago, how did that go?
Liam: Stressful! I’ve got about 16 more grey hairs on my head, but it was a good weekend, we played Friday night at Blow-out and that was a brilliant gig. The other 2 gigs didn’t go quite as planned, but we’re used to it.

Designer Magazine: This is your last gig for a while in Manchester, what’s next?
Jim: We going to New Zealand! We’re getting away from all this band bollocks.

Liam: We’re going in the studio recording an EP ready for next year sometime.

Designer Magazine: What inspires you to write the song you do?
Liam: Living in a city like Manchester, which is not the best. We just want to get out of our day jobs and create music for a living.

Designer Magazine: I think you’re the first band from Manchester to actually admit it’s not the best.
Liam: Well that why there are so many great Manchester bands, past and present. That’s the way the city is. Its just miserable, its wet, there are crap people and dogs and cats.

Designer Magazine: That’s quite a few reasons to hate Manchester!

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