The Tommys - 53 Degrees Preston - 23.2.06

Laddish magazine Loaded would no doubt brand four piece girl band The Tommys as "Busted with breasts". More salacious publications would label them "jail bait" or "barely legal", but Designer Magazine would never stoop so low. Yes, the Tommys are young and pretty, but have talent and tunes that make them the UK's answer to the Donnas rather than another Angelica or Fluffy. Draped behind the band is a Union Jack with the Tommy's spray painted across aligning themselves with 70s punk rather than faux american wannabe's.

The Tommys lead singer is petite, a cross between a young Goldie Hawn and Danielle Westbrook before the charlie. She's a throaty, raspy vocal like a female Richard Butler from the Psychedelic Furs. The spike riffs, pop edge and leanings towards punk topped off with glorious harmonies are like a 21st Century Go Go's. It's quite sweet really that 30 years after The Sex Pistols first catapulted onto the scene there's still a place for three minute, three chord guitar wielding fun. Lyrically The Tommys write what they know, the environment they live in and of course boys.

It's all tongue in cheek with the guitarist striking rock star poses, their frontwoman standing right up to the barriers, connecting with the crowd, a comfortable frontwoman who is only just a few steps away from really letting herself go and stage diving with the fans only too ready to catch her. That day will come, you can be assured. Let's not forget the rhythm section who do a sterling job, although to be frank, the drummer looks exhausted trying to keep the beat.

"The Day The World Turned Chav" is a jolly light-hearted romp, a bit cheeky with a fine line in sarcastic banter. "Stay YounG" is a track written by the youth for the Tommy Rockers. Occasionally the vocals get dwarfed by the crunching guitars but the vibe that the Tommys create is hard to resist. There's even a touch of bubblegum pop lurking within the rougher edges of this winning formula of punky pop rock.

The Tommys don't waste time with an encore, but leave us breathless and begging for more with "Fight" which finishes an exhilarating set which at just over the half hour mark does not contain a single dull moment. See them in a town near you soon.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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