The Tuesday Suits

If the Tuesday Suits were British they'd be granted front covers and hailed the saviours of guitar music as The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand and The Ordinary Boys have as part of the trend of bands influences by Morrissey and The Smiths. The fact that they're from New York and don't conform to cool Strokes style posturing has immediately placed them in the hearts of people who love those real outsider bands. Designer Magazine caught up with the band to find out about that Tuesday Suit sound.

Q: People are immediately going to say "another New York band". What sets the Tuesday Suits apart from the pack or do you feel part of the so called NY scene?
A: Well, we are a New York band and proud of it. But what sets us apart is that we aren't trying to capitalize on the success of bands like The Strokes, Interpol and the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs . If those bands didn't exist we would still sound exactly like we do. I don't know if the same can be said for many other of the bands playing in the clubs right now and I'm sure that goes for bands outside of New York as well. People follow trends and try to emulate what's "cool" . We have no interest in that.

Q: There is a real 50s rock n roll edge to the band, especially in the guitar riffs. Did that come from listening to your parents record collection or did you have to hunt the old records out? What are your other influences?
A: To be honest, the music from the 50's is no bigger an influence on us than any other time period . Every generation is influenced by the music of the generations before. Rock and roll basically got started in the 50's so it all kind of gets passed down the line. As far as specific influences, a few that we all seem to share are Elvis Costello and The Attractions, The Clash, The Smiths, Afghan Whiggs... there are so many others but those are a few that that come to mind right now.

Q: The thing you get when listening to the Tuesday Suits is it's all about the songs. There's no New York ubercool pushiness about you. The song is king and all that. Do you agree?
A: We totally agree. It's really easy to mimic a look or an attitude, but there aren't many bands who put out consistently good music. That's what we strive for.

Q: You've been playing around NYC for two and a half years and have got over sixty songs together. How have The Tuesday Suits developed over the years?
A: We've all become better players, the songwriting has matured , our live shows keep getting stronger and tighter... Basically we've gelled as a band so that our songs have a distinct sound. They don't necessarily sound the same but they all sound like The Tuesday Suits.

Q: Last year you recorded the Fork Studios Ep. What's been happening in terms of recording since last August, is there an album in the pipeline at the moment?
A: We're dying to get in and make a full length record. At the moment we are speaking to a few different people who may help make that happen. We may wind up doing it ourselves. If nothing else we'll get in and make another e.p. soon .

Q: If you could choose one song by the Tuesday Suits that best represents you what would it be. Tell us a little about it?
A: Out of the ones that are available for download on our website, I'd say probably Sounds Like Summer. The reason being that it' s instantly catchy but not simple. Everyone's playing interesting parts but they totally support the vocal melody.

Q: I notice from your website, you've been getting a lot of press outside the US. Whem do you think the Tuesday Suits will come over to the UK and Europe?
A: Hopefully soon. It really depends on us finding someone who could set it up properly. If you know someone give em the cd. We'll be on the next plane out.

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