The Twang / Little Man Tate / Look See Proof - 53 Degrees Preston - 16.10.07

Look See Proof are a generic four piece punky rock band from North Hertfordshire. They're the usual typically shouty indie band who sound like a heavier but less talented Kooks. Young, keen and plucky LSP may be with witty banter and a likeable frontman but the material is forgettable, weak and very ordinary. "Local Hero" their next single isn't bad, but its hardly going to set the charts on fire as it could be any band from the last five years. Their frontman wears a t-shirt with the words "I Play In A Band But I've Got No Talent", obviously meant to be ironic but in a cruel twist of fate its much closer to the truth then he imagines

What a brilliant year its been for Sheffield's Little Man Tate. A outstanding debut album, a string of hit singles, festival appearances and their own headline tours. Amazingly this is the fourth visit LMT have made to 53 Degrees in the last eighteen months. Jon Windle, the bands singer and rythym guitarist isn't his usual jocular self. He seems a much more serious fella nowadays dressed in black like the rest of the band. There are quite a few of the bands fans in tonight but the Twang contingent don't really make enough of effort to welcome them. "Man I Hate Your Band" and "House Party At Boothys" are the best of the bunch from their album but many new songs are played with cocksure confidence, like their next single released in December, "Boy In The Anorak", a real departure for the band, dark and sinister yet infused with melody and style.

The Twangs fans may be lairy, laddish and lewd but then again so are the band who swear like dockers, drink like fish, but are eternally grateful for their meteoric rise. The frontman Saunders and Phil bounce off each other and have a real connection with the crowd, great showmen if not the best singers in the world - their charisma and energy is infectious. The Streets joining Oasis tracks "The Neighbour" and Stone Roses influenced "Ice Cream Sundae" are utterly captivating with the crowd chavinit big time. Much tighter and more relaxed than they were when they played in the smaller room upstairs in February to an indifferent crowd, the Twang really are great musicians whose lyrics reveal a tender side like on the single "Either Way".

They even indulge in a cover and its not what you'd think these Brummie behemoths would choose. It's "Drinking In LA" by Bran Ban 500 and the Twang put their own spin on it. The crowd were twanging out until the very end

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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