Cherryfalls / The Undercut - Manchester Night and Day - 15.03.05

Bristol's "The Undercut" is creating quite a stir amongst the music industry and fans alike, and tonight the five some joined Cherry Falls on tour, showing Manchester's quirky and intimate Night and Day just why that is. The relaxed Tuesday evening atmosphere showed a mellow crowd milling around, as though circulating at their very own party, but they soon became attentive as the highly talked about band took to the stage, wondering what it was all about.

The band soon bear all with soon to be released "Soul Food Mother" with its driving guitars, and frenetic feel soaring around the room, not to mention it's infectious chorus which looked set to haunt for weeks.

As the night goes on, and we are taken on a journey through reggae, electronica, and the ska tinged "Crazy," it becomes clear that the band is all about variety. Whilst being hard to pinpoint their music, they manage to maintain an authentic and familiar sound, but one which keeps you guessing and out of that indie comfort zone.

The relaxed melodies of emotive "Coming Back Down To Earth" suited the mood, and grabbed the listener with it's raw acoustic guitars and crisp vocals to match, a rather angst ridden offering, with solemn verses, but soaring and choruses, topping off the bands passionate and varied set.

The crisply compelling and melodic Anglo Scottish quartet of Cherryfalls provided an honest evening of entertainment and created a friendly atmosphere in the homely venue. It was as though they had invited the hundred or so or attendees to watch them jam in front man Joe McAdam's lounge, as he entertained with his humbly endearing stage presence and affable nature. Comparisons to countrymen Snow Patrol and Travis are understandable as the band melodiously serenaded gatherers. Latest single 'My Drug' encapsulates the emotion of the guys, as they sung about love and used the drug metaphor to intriguing effect and certainly had a large proportion of the crowd hooked.

Katherine Tomlinson and David Adair

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