The View / The Law - 53 Degrees Preston 17.9.06

The venue may be called 53 Degrees but for this reviewer it feels hotter than a turkish brothel. Drinks are going down faster than a Thai hooker and the the crowd have made Sunday night the new Friday night. The last thing you'd expect is a visit from The Law. No, not our bobbies, but a cunning monikered band who may or may not stand for truth, justice and honesty but send the room into a frenzy for a good forty minutes.Like a heavier La's on "Velvet Morning" with the DIY spirit of the Libertines these are choruses to be sung from the Terraces with melody and melancholy to spare. There are nods to Teenage Fanclub and occasional bursts of country tinged guitar. Giving a performance so pure its an honour to experience such diligence. There's even room for some good, no nonsense sleaze like the Jam vs New York Dolls influenced "Hot Rod" which even puts the cock rock of Eagles of Death Metal in the shade. If there is a motto of  The Law it just has to be "you have the right to have a good time".

For many The View were the saviours of the Reading / Leeds Festival when the Organ suddenly pulled out at the very last minute (insert own joke here). At the time I failed to see the appeal, but Designer Magazine have decided to give them another chance. The View's lead singer Kyle Falconer, who upon first listen is like hearing the thick scottish brogue of Rab C Nesbitt
reciting the slang laden prose of Irvine Welsh over a barrage of shambolic but occasional melodic music. Aside from the single "Wasted Little DJs" I find very little to get truly excited from this Dundee Quartet. Too much of their material is forgettable scrappy and repetitive and with so many talented unsigned bands on the circuit it remains a mystery as to why The View were snapped up so hastily. Granted they're likeable lads, but my word they need to practice and improve a lot if they wish to stand the test of time. Their next single "Superstar Tradesman" is passable while "Skag Trendy" would struggle for credibility as a B-side.

When the forty minute set ends I actually feel a sense of relief. The View didn't change my opinion of them second time around. They're still a bunch of chancer's with only one decent song among them with too much hype and exposure.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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