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Three Quarters / Inflight - The Venue Preston - 2.7.06

You'd think on a hot sweltering evening such as tonight, the proprietors of the Venue would either install air conditioning or open the back door. Surpassing the so sweaty an intimate that the venues are waterwalls of perspiration its nigh on impossible to breathe and its not just the audience that suffer as a result. Three Piece Burnley / Manchester collective Inflight haven't played a gig in 3 months so the prospect of playing when sweat keeps running into your eyes is not something you'd really look forward to. The band formerly known as Stolen have been going under the name of Inflight for nine months now and are influenced by  modern British rock like Hundred Reasons, Biffy Clyro and Reuben, their first gig was with Engerica and forthcoming shows include support slots for Kids In Glass Houses and Allister.

Tight and technically brilliant Inflight are seriously intense with an influence of grunge as much as the current rock scene. There are occasional moments of self indulgent muso pretension with one intro outstaying it's welcome by a good few minutes and at times they are overly serious. Still there's some promising material in their 35 minute set "You Got Guts" which is dedicated to Three Quarters and its much more immediate and heavier than their other less memorable songs. Even better though is their closing track "The Truth", a haunting ballad. Inflight themselves admit that this performance isn't their finest but there's enough to suggest that these guys are a promising band who are destined to go places if given the breaks.

Being local lads this headline show was always destined to be packed. In stark contrast to Inflight, Three Quarters bring a bit of showmanship to their act with their love of American rock coming across in their music. Like Lostprophets, Three Quarters are not afraid of rousing choruses and melodic radio friendly rock. All four of Three Quarters are charming lookers who woo the ladies with laddish banter and audience participation and the fun loving feel is reminiscent of Terrorvision with their connection to the fans being electric.

"All I Ever Wanted" is a crowd favourite while new song "The Thorn In Your Side" is like a McFly with an adrenaline boost. "Hopeless" is romantically optimistic with singer Nik Parkinson being joined by Inflight frontman Mark Forrer as their gig ends in spectacular fashion.

It's great that two very different bands can get along so swimmingly without egos or one upmanship spoiling the party

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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