Thrice - VHEISSU

Bad Religion and Black Flag styled emancipation of free will sees front man Dustin Kensure and co, swiping out at the desecration of the value of human beings in opener ‘Image Of The Invisible’. This is done in a manner that you would not normally associate with Thrice, as they raise their intensity a notch to get your interest from the outset. This Orange County quartet plays the atmospheric card prominently to demonstrate their new direction.

‘The Earth Will Shake’ dives liberally into the post hardcore/metal territory to grip and shake you with a tale of their dark and troubling dreams. This is juxtaposed by the mellow and yearning indie ode type commencement to ‘For Miles’, featuring careering, trouble laden vocals that are helped home by a trickling piano riff and wallowing guitars. This offering then turns into an angry Gremlin of the post-hardcore variety to keep you on your toes.

Varied and bolstering percussion provided by Riley Breckenridge is prevalent throughout this offering, doing a great deal to create a mysterious and slightly tormented mood. He provides the bite in the eerie and crunching ‘Stand And Feel Your Worth’. It is going to be very intriguing to hear about the response of the Thrice hardcore to this new and experimental direction?

David Adair

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