Thursday - War All The Time

Thursday aren't the only band who have decided to name themselves after a day of the week. Step forward Happy Mondays and The Sundays. But unlike their British counterparts, Thursday are part of the so called EMO scene and as a result the album is humourless, po-faced, earnest worthiness and self confessed misery from beginning to end.

"For The Workforces" has Geoff Rickly attempting pitifully to emulate the vocal dexterity of the Manics' James Dean Bradfield. The pretentious OTT swallowed a dictionary lyrics are akin to appalling sixth form poetry from a misunderstood goth. I quote "throw them in the river, wash away the things they've never held". What utter meaningless rubbish. Typically tortured subjects, whiny vocals and adequate if unremarkable musicians search desperately for a tune on what sounds like a half finished song on a half finished album. "Between Rupture And Rapture" has a nu-metal styled chorus, surely the anti-thesis of EMO but sure enough the influence is there.

"Marches And Manoeuvres" starts off rather promisingly with a melodious touch and then the vocal kicks in screaming, growling, moaning the night away as usual. Give it a rest mate. The rest of the songs on the album follow the same well trodden path of quiet strum leading up to the loud blasts of guitar with histrionic vocals. Despite the fact that Thursday are hugely popular in both the States and the UK I still fail to see why with each and every release.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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