Timo Mass - Connected

After the lacklustre Paul Oakenfold mix CD last year follows Timo Mass' "Connected". Like the Oakenfold collection much of the same faults crop up time and time again. Maybe its just me. Maybe its just a statement of what's happening now. Maybe  if you look hard enough you'll find a memorable tune amongst the throwaway disposability of the dance scene Mafiosi.

If anything Timo Mass sets himself up as the dance head who indie kids can like. On this collection its Placebo's "Special K" which is given the T Mass treatment. Its this CD's saving grace with Brian Molko's vocals nestling up to a hard house beat, but you have to ask whether its just the talent of Placebo shining through and otherwise ordinary dance beat. You only wish he'd have included the remix of Muse' "Sunburn".

The real shame is when Timo Mass actually finishes off with his own track "OCB" its the highlight of the whole album. And with an album currently being recorded you can only hope he sticks to his own work than playing other acts records. Unlike Fatboy Slim who works better as a DJ than an artist Timo mass seems to be the inverse of this theory. Wait for his debut album rather than wasting your money on this cheap cash-in.

Alex McCann