Tina Dico - In The Red

Merging the worlds of Elliot Smith and Joni Mitchell is something that is dangerous to even contemplate. This Zero 7 member makes light work of the task  in the sorrowful opener ‘Losing’ and continues in this vein, via the haunting and trembling ‘Warm Sand’, delving deep into her soul to ponder the lurid world of lies and lie tellers. Dico’s ranging and troubled vocal style sits equally as well with slow, bristling acoustic backing, as well as being able to open out to accommodate the forceful, full band style accompaniments.

The way Tina uses her poetic nature to take a step back and understand what is happening around her, makes you remember how exciting it was to discover Beth Orton. ‘In The City’ is a perfect example of this, mainly for its bristly vocals that that hover around each point made. The flighty ‘Give In’ displays catchy lyrical prowess that helps the number soar around the mind;

“Too young to be heroes
  Too old to be April fools
  Too smart to be honest
  We’ve got too much to lose
  It’s too late to be perfect.“

With each track weighing in at over the three and a half minute mark, Tina takes pride in building up the feeling and painting a full picture, often on a downtrodden aspect of life. This is done in a polished manner that avoids falling into the self pity trap, as the slow turning and pondering ‘Use Me’, highlights. Dico is truly an artist in touch with the real world and has an impressive sense of how to capture her true feelings in a song.

David Adair

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