Designer Magazine Xmas Shopping Guide 2004

As a child a young Alan Finch grew up watching his local team Arsenal week in week out and yet he could never imagine that one day it would be his team that set his business ambitions alive. The idea of retro football tops was initially thought of in 1990 when husband and wife team Alan and Michele Finch looked at the price of football tops and realized instead of having to buy a new one each year, why not take a trip down memory lane and live in the nostalgia of those classic years where your team won the trophy or famously drew against all odds in the FA Cup Final. It was natural for Alan to approach his team Arsenal and with a makeshift sample of Arsenal's 1949 gold cup winning shirt he won his first contract for 150 shirts. The rest is history as they say and you'll find TOFFS shirts available for nearly every UK Premier and Football League Team aswell as hundreds of teams from around the globe

TOFFS Top Five may not always be as you'd sadly Bill Nicholson passed away on Saturday 23 October, he was the Manager of the famous Spurs Double winning team, his passing away has catapulted he Double Winning shirt and box set right up there to number 1 spot. England's famous red shirt from July 30th 1966 where they won that unforgettable 4-2 match in the World Cup is currently in 2nd position.

(A selection of footie tops available at Toffs)

Elsewhere we have shirts from Bangor to Brazil, from Wigan to West Germany and from Leeds to Lazio. An endless list of international teams that are exhausting enough to look through. Here in Designer Magazine's home town of Manchester there are nineteen Manchester City Shirts including the 1956 Cup Final Shirt which Dennis Law wore in his first season at City. Of the twelve Manchester United tops the highlights are the 1958 Cup Final and the 1968 Euro Cup Final shirts, the latter interestingly enough is the unfamiliar blue shirt as worn by George Best and Bobby Charlton.

With the ability to add individual numbers to your shirt for an extra £5 per digit (i.e. number 1 costs £5 extra, number 10 costs £10 etc.) you can not only get a classic shirt, but get a classic shirt as worn by your favourite player be it Pele, Moore or Cain.

To complete the look TOFFS also have a selection of tracksuits, bobble hats and scarfs available. And if you happen to play in a 5 or 11 Aside Football team TOFFS offer shorts, shirts and numbers as discounted rates.

What better way to support your team then relive those classic moments and the best thing about TOFFS range of retro shirts is you don't need to upgrade each and ever year...unless of course you want to buy every single range of retro shirts for your team or country.

Words: Alex McCann

All TOFFS Shirts are priced at £32.99
(NB: A second shirt purchase which can be on the same or a separate shirt purchase you only pay 29.99 for the second and all subsequent shirts purchased from TOFFS until further notice)
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