Tom Hingley And The Lovers – Abba Are The Enemy

When not belting out the hits with The Inspiral Carpets to sold out crowds around provincial towns. Tom Hingley has performed with his own band The Lovers and in his own right as a solo artiste. His latest release under the moniker Tom Hingley And The Lovers is the intriguingly titled “Abba Are The Enemy”. In Tom’s band are two members of The Fall (Paul Hanley – Drums, Steve Hanley – bass) as well as Kelly Wood on keyboards and organ.

“Online Pharmacy” has that Inspiral’s organ sound with Wood behind the synths. The bass is very prominent in the mix with loud rock guitars. Hingley seems angrier than ever spitting out the lyrics. Fans of the Inspirals will be surprised at the impact this song makes. “Tallyfalarious” has slightly more dramatic keyboard undercurrent, but the bombastic atmosphere remains. The vengeful lyrics come thick and fast without a moments hesitation, especially with the no hold barred opener “You’ve no idea how much I hate you”.

Simple good time rock’n’roll can be found on “Boyband” which reminds me very much of The Stooges. Lyrically it exposes the music industry of exploiting youngsters at the expense of making a profit. A good point, very well made. Coming back to the theme of inadequate nature of male physicality (as expressed in Radiohead’s “Creep”) is “The Perfect Body”. Using the song as a confessional tool Hingley pours his heart out on this slow and mesmerising ballad. His voice, tender and wounded almost trembles as he comes to realise that love can indeed by paradoxical. As the final song on the album this gives us plenty of food for thought.

“Abba Are The Enemy” adds another string to his bow as Tom displays his love of rock on an album full of life and vitality with a ballad that rivals The Streets “Dry Your Eyes Out” for sheer emotional impact, not to mention a superb array of musicians

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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