Towers Of London - 53 Degrees Preston - 2.5.06

Carrying on where The Sex Pistols left off with the spirit of The New York Dolls and a snarling cynical outlook on 21st Century life, Towers Of London cause chaos wherever they go. At Donnington last year blonde bolshy Donny Tourette has to be held back by security when faces with a barrage of bottles thrown by an angry crowd. The stocky young bruiser stood beside me recalls the time the TOL frontman gave him a black eye for referring to him as a w*nker. Stood at the front of the stage I ponder whether it's wise to be this close to this notoriously unpredictable band. With beer being sprayed into the crowd, a microphone swinging inches from my face, a monitor being kicked off the stage and the big burly security guards being taunted by Donny I fear for my safety. Tourette also pulls tautly on the lighting rig which hangs just above my head, after one vigorous punk injected rock'n'roll rocker he looks at me square in the eye, shakes my hand, but doesn't let go for quite some time and says with barely concealed menace "I can't suss you out". What could Designer Magazine have done to anger the
Towers Of London....

...Whatever it is i'm forgiven as he passed me the mic to sing the chorus to their former single "F**k It Up". The rest of Towers Of London are better behaved, but look like rock god preening, posing with their wild outlandish 80s hair and riffs straight out of the school of rock attended by Guns'n'Roses, Poison and Motley Crue. Special mention goes out to the Rev, a seventies throwback with a fresh perspective to rockin out with decadent delight. "I'm A Pet" and "Kill The Pop Scene" carry on the dangerous, edgy atmosphere with the fans throwing themselves around like rag dolls. New single "Air Guitar" has a roaring chorus but for some reason Donny isn't a happy bunny as he's prone to throwing down his microphone like a petulant toddler, spitting his dummy in a fit of pique.

Towers Of London's debut album "Blood Sweat And Towers" hits the stores next month which should elevate these feisty young men to a higher level away from a cult band to something more prominent and important. Now Primal Scream are doddering about in their forties and The Darkness are like a musical pantomime we need a rough and ready band like Towers to shake things up, divide the nation and cause outrage in conservative middle England. Just don't upset the singer whatever you do

Nicholas Paul Godkin
Photos: Shirlaine Forrest

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