Trivium - The Crusade

Orlando, Florida, the sunshine state, home of Disneyworld, MGM Studios and the birthplace of metal band Trivium. They were practically unknowns until their appearance at the Download Festival at Donnington last year. In the same year their last album was voted the best album by Kerrang Magazine. Bringing it up to date, Trivium supported Iron Maiden on their European tour
and in the final part of 2006 release their latest album "The Crusade".

"Entrance Of The Conflagration" has spiritual chanting, machine gun style drumming from Travis Smith and unforgiving, hard hitting rock guitars courtesy of Corey Beaulieu. Matt Heafy's vocal is raw and like the debut Trivium's Metallica influence is still very much in evidence but it's not too in your face. The melodies are stronger than the debut with some brilliant electric guitar solos coming in quick succession. This track also has a mystical feel with satanic lyrics which are unintentionally hilarious
like "robbed by the seventh deadly sin". Crikey guys that's deep.

"And Sadness Will Sear" has a slow start with a heavy bass sound from Paolo Gregaletto. This is quite low key for Trivium which is kind of old school meets nu-metal if you can imagine such a concept. The pretentious overwrought humourless lyrics are to take seriously, as if they were written with a quill at the turn of the nineteenth century by candlelight, a prime example being "cold is the wind that will freeze you".

"This World Cant Tear Us Apart" has an emotional feel with crashing drums and crunching guitars. It's quite slow in parts and delivers the goods as fans will not be disappointed. This has the spirit and dynamics of Iron Maiden, a band Trivium could learn from. "Contempt Breeds Contamination" is the most overtly political song on the album examining the world post 9/11. Its certainly food for though as the bleak subject matter offers no easy answers. Surprisingly unlike say System Of A Down, this track isn't preachy and the shouty vocals and tight arrangement pack one hell of a punch.

"The Crusade" is a complex and ambitious album from a band who are continually pushing themselves artistically and stylistically and while the results may not always be successful, it's a brave move and shows them to have longevity in their career.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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