Tweet - Southern Hummingbird

Tweet has the privilege of not only having top producer Timbaland at the helm, but also having Missy "Misdemeanour" Elliot providing backing vocals on the single "Oops (Oh My)", writing several songs on the album and providing spiritual guidance in her roll as Executive Producer.

But hey, its Tweet who possesses a soulful, sweet, tough but tender voice which benefits ballads like "Smoking Cigarettes" and slices of R&B funk like "Boogie 2 Nite" which lyrically a little unimaginative but a great laid back party track all the same. Tweet, real name Charlene Keys is also a talented songwriter and although most of the songs are about relationships, she uses personal experiences to benefit her credibility. "Motel" features just acoustic guitar and a lone voice with the lyrics "Go to Hell Baby / Cause I know I saw you go to a Motel" about her unfaithful partner.

While the production, arrangements and vocals are technically brilliant the tempo is a little on the predictable lush ballad style which lifts very rarely, but when it does like "Call Me" with its indian instrumentation it leads the vocal into a more immediate groove and is a standout track. "Southern Hummingbird" closes with "Big Spender", which samples the brassy Shirley Bassey anthem of the same name and features Missy rapping in her no-nonsense manner to marvellous effect.

There are moments of genuine heartache on this album, but all delivered with warmth and sincerity. Tweet is a talented singer songwriter and as a debut album "Southern Hummingbird" is a taste of things to come.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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